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Two Tales Editing is proud to be a part of the
Editorial Freelancers Association.

Our Founder

Inspired by the two TAILS of her adorable cats and her passion for literary tales, Megan Barnes founded Two Tales Editing as a way to expand her editorial reach even further to help those wanting to take their writing, no matter the genre, to the next level.


While attending graduate school, one of Megan’s professors shared that most students do well speaking in person but face challenges translating that to the page. The professor believed that the confidence in sharing ideas dwindled as soon as students opened their computers to begin typing out their written assignments. Megan was curious about this and has since dedicated her career to helping academics, creatives, and professionals with putting their best self out into the world through their writing.

Megan graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a Masters in Literature. She has spent over 9 years teaching writing, argumentation, and research practices to first-year college students. Several years ago, she realized that it’s not just students who might benefit from editorial help. It’s everyone! Megan has provided editorial services for academic journals, companies with over 500 clients, novelists, and PhD candidates. This work includes copyediting, fact-checking, content editing, and more.

Our Founder

Our Mission

Two Tales Editing welcomes submissions from any academic, creative, or professional writers. Two Tales Editing encourages submissions from writers from all racial, ethnic, religious, sexual, gender, physical, mental, and socio-economic backgrounds. We seek to promote diverse voices across the academic and literary world and wants to help remove some of the barriers that marginalized communities have faced from a multitude of institutions. Two Tales is committed to uplifting a writer’s individual voice and vision and not superimposing personal preference onto someone’s work.

Our Mission

Our Promise

​Our editors will:

  • Address grammar and spelling concerns

  • Review your work for clarity, consistency, and even cadence

  • Look for formatting issues, structure and organization flow, appropriate tone and word choice for the intended audience

  • Pinpoint weakness and provide feedback to strengthen your writing

  • Review any requirements to ensure your writing meets standards of expectation

  • Brainstorm early on in a project or review an almost-finished product

Our Promise
  • Do I really need an editor?
    We think so! Even best-seller authors and renowned professors need editors. Hey, even professional editors have editors. There is no shame in having an editor. Even if you are a stellar writer (which we have no doubts on), it is always good to get unbiased feedback/assistance before putting your writing out into the world.
  • Do I HAVE to sign a contract?
  • What if I just need Two Tales for something quick and easy? Like one page.
    Regardless of length, all clients have to sign a contract. Signing a contract with Two Tales is just as much for your benefit as it is ours. It keeps all parties accountable for the terms and conditions and guarantees both parties satisfaction with the services provided. We will not provide any editorial services until you have signed and returned the contract. If you have concerns about language in the contract, do not hesitate to contact us.
  • I have a deadline that is coming up quickly…is that OK?
    Here at Two Tales, we prioritize efficiency just as much as accuracy. We are happy to take on a project with a quick turn-around, but the deadline may be subject to a rise in pricing.
  • I really want to hire you, but pricing might be outside my budget. What should I do?
    We are committed to serving all communities of writers and do not discriminate for any reason, including financial ability. Two Tales is happy to navigate an individual’s budgetary needs and can provide case-by-case payment plan options. We want everyone to feel financially comfortable hiring an editor.
  • You helped me with my work. Do I have to credit you as co-author?
    Nope! Two Tales Editing does not make any claim to your writing and will not without your written permission. YOU did the heavy lifting by writing. You are the writer. It is your work and we do not want to overshadow that by demanding acknowledgement. We are here to uplift YOUR voice, not the other way around.
  • If I pay you a lot of money, can you write this essay for a college class for me?
    Absolutely not. That would be plagiarism and Two Tales Editing does not support or turn a blind eye to plagiarism. Now, if you write the essay and want someone to provide feedback on content, structure, etc. then we are here for you!
  • Are you affiliated with agents? Can you get me published?
    Two Tales Editing is not affiliated with any academic or literary agents. We are not a publishing house, and we cannot guarantee publication of your work, nor will we submit your work for you. What we can guarantee is getting your writing as clean and perfect as you want it, so that if/when the time comes, it’ll be hard for anyone to turn you down! And keep in mind, most agents will lean towards rejection if your work has not yet been professionally edited.
  • What kind of files can you read?
    Two Tales editing accepts Word Doc, Google Doc, and Pages for creative and academic work. We also accept PDFs and PowerPoint for professional work.
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