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Book Coaching

A book coach (or writing coach) is like your personal guide through the trenches of writing all the way through to the light of a finished and published book. Where Dante had Virgil and Beatrice, you can have Two Tales!

Your book coach will help you with...


Finding Narrative Voice


Insider Industry Knowledge


Assistance for writers block

Assortment of Books

Typical for early stages of writing/manuscript

Also good for finished, unpolished manuscripts

Flexible to fit your needs

How is a book coach different from an editor?

While serving a similar purposes in getting your writing to the best possible place, a book coach is a more intimate, frequent relationship. Typically longer-term and holistic in the writing process. Coaching and editing do go nicely hand-in-hand.

Rates begin at $75/hour for a coaching session. Meeting frequency is up to you, we can meet weekly, monthly, quarterly, or even twice a year!

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